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The purpose of this website is to help teach, encourage and coordinate Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)  training for persons living in the boundaries of the LDS Orem Utah Hillcrest Neighborhood (Stake). This website is NOT owned by or affiliated with, or approved by the LDS Church or by the City of Orem. Your use of this website is subject to the website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Being Prepared Saves Lives

On 9/11/2001, Morgan Stanley had nearly 3,000 people at work in their 22 floors of the Twin Tower but, only 6 of them died that tragic day— because for eight years Morgan Stanley employees had practiced how to exit the towers during an emergency, and they responded together when that emergency happened.

Current Hillcrest Area News

No CERT class until next year.

Join With Your Neighbors, In Preparing For Future Emergencies, Because:

  • Preparing is the Antidote to (Dangerous) Normalcy Bias!
  • Being Prepared has Current Benefits - It is the Best and Happiest Lifestyle!
  • Groups That Respond To Emergencies Together Are More Likely to Survive!
  • Preparing Ahead of Time Is The Most Powerful Tool There Is For Altering Outcomes!

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Heavenly As Well As Earthly Wisdom Demands That We Prepare For Potential Exigencies

  • A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. (See Proverbs 27:12)
  • Be prepared, and prepare for yourself, you, and all your company that are assembled unto you, and be a guard for them. (See Ezekiel 38:7)
  • Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing... (D&C 109:8)

Individual and Family Preparedness is Important!  By Itself, However, it is Insufficient. It is Crucial to Participate in Your Emergency Response Groups  —  Area, Neighborhood & Block!

Studies of disaster outcomes have revealed that people who were NOT part of a group were much MORE LIKELY to suffer and/or perish when disasters occurred than those who belonged to a group that worked together to jointly respond to a disaster.  These latter individuals were MUCH  MORE LIKELY TO  SURVIVE and THRIVE. In other words, loners die and groups survive.


So, if you want the best opportunity to SURVIVE AND ACTUALLY DO WELL  DURING a coming disaster or widespread emergency, then you need to:

  • Believe that your family will survive better by responding as a group than by hunkering down by yourselves.
  • Think of what can go wrong and prepare personally or as a household.
  • Get to know your neighbors and develop a “survive together” mindset.
  • Plan with your neighbors how you will respond together to emergencies.

    neighborhood groups



The above is why Orem City's population has been divided into emergency response groups of AreaNeighborhood  and   Block. The smallest unit, the block (6 to 12 nearby households), is where the quickest emergency response action is going to be, and where the most initial "saving of lives" will occur in emergency situations.

Everyone  should participate in their assigned “emergency response” block — and plan and practice how to respond to emergencies together.

  • Block households should have one or more block socials each year where block members can:
    • Get to know each other
    • Practice neighborhood group response to emergencies and discuss emergency preparedness topics such as:
      • CERT
      • Amateur Radio
      • Food Storage
      • Gardening

Action Items - Preparing Yourself and Family:

  1. Watch this video about why a lifestyle of faith, “together” response, education and good health are at the core of surviving emergencies.
  2. Download and print a “Are you Prepared” - family preparation “strategic thinking” sheet, fill it out, continue to work on and update it as needed, keep a copy and mail copies to your family members.
  3. Download and review the instruction sheet entitled You Are Part of An Orem City Emergency Response Block”.
  4. Fill out the family survey form (download and print) and take the completed form to your Block Leader (see *below if you need help contacting your Block Leader).
  5. Subscribe to the HillcrestReady E-newsletter. Once you do that, you will receive periodic newsletters regarding drills, activities and information related to Emergency Preparedness.
  6. Like and follow our Hillcrest Area Facebook page. This will put Orem Hillcrest Area events and news right on your Facebook news feed. Do the same for your Hillcrest Neighborhood Facebook page.

*If you do not know who your Block Leader is, or if you would like to be a Block Leader, email us at info@hillcrestready.org. Also, consider joining our Amateur Radio Group or becoming CERT trained.  Please learn as much as possible from the rest of the information available at this web site.

Many “Leading Indicators” —> Signal and Point to a Great Need to Prepare!

Take a look at these indicators. When will it be too late to prepare?   When time to act has arrived, the time to prepare is past:

  1. Wars have been increasing linearly  in frequency for eight decades. Nations and terrorist groups with avowed desires to kill Americans are acquiring biological and nuclear  weapons (including devastating EMP weapons).  Concurrent with this rising danger, America's government has significantly degraded its military capabilities. The perception of a weak America has increased the potential for a third world war.
  2. Earthquakes and other
    natural disasters are occurring more frequently during the last 30 years. Specific to our Wasatch Front area, there are numerous Wasatch range fault lines that are overdue for slippage (movement) of 12 to 96 inches (which would generate earthquakes from 6.5 to 8.5 magnitude). An overdue major earthquake here would result in thousands of casualties among those living in Orem and weeks without electricity or water.
  3. Due to the increasing and massive indebtedness of the US there is an increasing possibility for banking/economic failures that would be far worse than the great depression of 1929. America could easily disintegrate into chaos and mobocracy from systemic banking failures.  In fact, the results would be far worse than the great depression of 1929, because of the movement of 80% - 90% of the US  population from rural areas into cities and just in time supplies of goods to city dwellers. There is no possibility for city dwellers to survive long term supply disruptions - they would have to get themselves back into rural areas (to hunt, farm,  fish and have access to drinking water) in order to become self-sufficient. Because that won't happen, an economic failure today will make 1929 look like a picnic.
  4. There is a great danger because of America's non-redundant and aging electrical infrastructure, just-in-time supply chains and vulnerable water supply and sanitation systems, which enable communication and transport food, water, energy, and other necessities of modern life to our cities and towns (from far-off places) and that transport away disease-causing sewage and garbage. This is  our Achilles Heel. Here's what experts say:
    • America's non-hardened electrical grid will not survive a large solar flare or EMP attack. An EMP or solar flare would take down America's electrical grid and by doing so would destroy American lives more effectively than nuclear war.
    • Analysts predict the loss of 200 Million American lives (through disease and starvation) if the nation's electrical grid goes down.
    • The only way to avoid being in the 90% of people group (who will die or suffer immensely) following a loss of the electrical grid is to be capable (through emergency preparation and planning) of living without modern infrastructure — as people lived 150 years ago.
  5. Visionaries and prophets have foretold of devastating wars, natural disasters and neighbor-against-neighbor mob conflict that will occur in the last days. They have declared that we are living in those last days, with an unknown, but possibly very  limited time to prepare physically and spiritually. They have repeatedly urged that we prepare. It is time to actively heed those warnings and to understand the danger of normalcy bias.

Please join us in sensibly getting ready for the future here in the Orem Hillcrest Utah Neighborhood.

How to Navigate This Web Site

This website is divided into several sections (described below). There is a menu bar at the top for quickly accessing these areas.

Neighbors  — this section teaches emergency and disaster response practices to be carried out as neighbors within the organizations of city, neighborhoods,  districts and blocks. The purpose of such organization is to maximize our ability to save lives in a time of disaster or emergency.

Families — contains ideas and checklists of emergency preparation recommendations for families or individuals.

CERT — this section regards the opportunity of Community Emergency Response Teams training, or in otherwise helping ordinary people to learn skills that will enable them to save a maximum number of lives during disasters.

Scenarios — this section includes instructions of what to do for each type of potential emergency. Study it before an event comes... visualize your response and be ready.

Resources — contains links to website articles, videos and books related to surviving and thriving after an emergency or calamity. Also contains references to vendors of recommended emergency products and supplies. It is maintained by the total knowledge and participation of the community. Please learn and share.

Together - this section brings together notification boards for those living in Orem Hillcrest Area Neighborhoods and Blocks. They are closed boards, only for those living in those geographic boundaries.

Calendar — here you can find a calendar of preparedness and self reliance events/opportunities.