Calendar of Disaster Preparedness & CERT Training/Events

for: 2015    Prior Years:  2014     2013


March 3

Spring CERT Basic Training



April 19

Emergency Preparedness Fireside - 6th Ward



July 30

Emergency Preparedness Fireside - 1st Ward



August 22

Orem Hillcrest Emergency Preparedness Country Fair



August 25

Fall CERT Basic Training



August 27

Block Leader/Leadership Training



September 12

Sun Oven Cooking Class and Demonstration



September 17

Orem City Emergency Drill






Spring CERT Training (This event is in the past)

  • Fall CERT Training will take place every Tuesday night (or Thursday in Provo) from September 9th through November 6th.

Preparededness Fireside - April 19, 2015 at 7PM at the LDS 6th/8th Ward Building
(This event is in the past)

  • Tina Gailushas will recount her experience of how her family side-stepped any significant danger from the Category 5 Hurricane Katrian that might have been suffered by their family by responding to the Spirit. Refreshments and socializing after.

Preparededness Fireside - July 30, 2015 at 7PM at the LDS 1st/3rd Ward Building
(This event is in the past)

  • The special speaker is President Michael Kezerian, former member of the Hillcrest Stake Presidency, and President of the New Zealand Christchurch Mission (2011-2014).  President Kezerian will speak about missionary work in New Zealand, how missionaries are prepared for emergencies and about the impact of a 7.1 earthquake September 2010 and 6.3 quake February 22, 2011

2015 Orem Hillcrest Country Fair -
Featuring Common Sense Emergency Preparedness Education
and a whole lot of fun for the entire family!
(This event is in the past)

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015, from 11AM to 3PM, at the lawn area “Grove” of the 4th Ward chapel building at 440 East 800 South, Orem, UT. The Grove is very near MadDog Cycle and Zurcher’s Party Rentals (Click here to view a map showing booth locations) (Spanish version)

You Can Download and Print Our Preparedness Country Fair Brochure
(Spanish version)

  • Delicious Food - Ron McKinley will feed you Smoked chicken , Charles Kerby is feeding you Smoked Pork and Smoked Turkey and, of course, there are hot dogs, corn-on-the cob, watermelon, donuts, snow cones, popcorn, and more treats for everyone. And, it’s all free.
  • Raffle for two GoalZero Solar Power Devices (value $100 to $200 each).
  • 8 Featured Lectures on Survival & Emergency Preparation Topics — by Experts
    (Lecture duration — 25 minutes each)
    (Taking place in the lecture area):

    11:00 AM:

    Overview of Emergency Preparedness, with emphasis on Water Foraging, Purification, Storage and Neighborhood Response by Cory Riley (Emergency Preparation Expert)

    11:30 AM:

    The Hidden Deadly Disaster - Failed Sanitation Will Catch,  Sicken, Maim or Kill the Ignorant and Unprepared - by Jim Phillips (Inventor of Foam Clothing, Emergency Preparedness Expert)

    12:00 Noon:

    Foam Clothing - the Best Way to Survive Cold Weather - Jim Phillips

    12:30 PM:

    A Big Earthquake IS Coming to Utah Valley - We Don't Know When, But That Shouldn't Matter.  ARE YOU READY? - by Dr. Daniel Horns (UVU Associate Dean of Earth Sciences.

    1:00 PM:

    Overcoming Illness & Injuries When No Medicines Are Available - by Dr. Kyle Christensen

    1:30 PM:

    Healing Starts in the Kitchen - by Dr. Kyle Christensen

    2:00 PM:

    Backyard Beekeeping by Austin Haacke

    2:30 PM:

    Speed Healing (Injuries) - How to Run & Not be Weary by Understanding Your Lymph Ststem - Stephen West

Emergency Preparedness Booths - stop by and talk to emergency preparedness experts about their areas of expertise. 

Booth Topics (These experts will be talking and presenting their information to you as you come to their individual booths):

  1. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Recruiting - with Orem CERT Trailer - Lisa Wilson
  2. How To Get Your Home Ready Before Emergencies Happen Edgar Gonzalez (Trusted Handyman, LLC)
  3. Smoked Pork and Turkey - Charles Kerby (4 Times Grand Master Champion)
  4. Smoked Chicken - Ron McKinley (Hillcrest 6th Ward Grand Champion)
  5. A Major Earthquake is Coming To Utah Valley; We Don’t Know When, But That Shouldn’t Matter. Are You Ready?Dr. Daniel Horns (UVU Associate Dean of Earth Sciences
  6. Essential Oils - Use In Emergency Preparedness - Dave Peterson of Nature’s Fusions
  7. Making and Using Oil Lamps - Brenda Young
  8. How to Get Started With Amateur Radio - Lovell Killpack (Orem Hillcrest Neighborhood Amateur Radio Leader)
  9. Red Cross Resources and Blood Drive Info - Bev Waldon and Holden Palmer
  10. Together We Can Surive; I am My Brother’s Keeper;  the Block Program - Dennis Cluff and Andrew Pack (Block Leaders)
  11. Sprouted Seeds and Grains - The Most Nutritious Foods Because They Are Alive - Paula Boothe and Tyson Thornock
  12. 1-Stop Preparedness Shopping Grant Johnson of “” (Solar, Lanterns//Flashlights, Thermal cookers, Tent stoves, Sanitation, Wiggy’s sleeping bag, Gluten Free Food Storage, First Aid Kits and More...)
  13. 1-Stop Preparedness Shopping Grant Johnson of “” (Solar, Lanterns//Flashlights, Thermal cookers, Tent stoves, Sanitation, Wiggy’s sleeping bag, Gluten Free Food Storage, First Aid Kits and More...)
  14. Fermented Bread - Why It’s So Good For You - Martha Levie (of Abigail’s Oven)
  15. Surviving and Thriving in Any Environment - Jacob Paul of Wild Jake’s Survival School
  16. Practical Self Defense - Gary Eubanks (Martial Arts Master)
  17. Disasters Happen in Winter - What Will You Do In A Home Without Heat? And Inadequate Sanitation Will Sicken, Maim or Kill You  – Jim Phillips of Safe Harbor Alliance in Spring City
  18. Home Apothecary - Growing and Using Herbs for Staying Healthy Without Pharmaceuticals  - Pam Francis
  19. Emergency Midwifery and Taking Care of Babies During Emergencies
  20. Healthy Preparedness:Alternative Remedies for Infectious Diseases & Food Storage Powerhouse- Claudia Orgill
  21. Water Foraging, Storage and Purification, Neighborhood Response  and other Essential Emergency Preparedness Topics- Cory Riley (Preparedness Expert)
  22. Emergency Preparedness Library (Browse our Library of Emergency Preparedness Books) - You Can Check Out One Book For Two Weeks And Read At Home, Then When You’re Done, Get Another
  23. Making Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Dill Pickles and other Super Nutritious Fermented Vegetables at Home  – Jim Sumsion
  24. The World of Herbs in Our Backyards - LeArta Moulton of (Herb walk Videos and Herb Cards)
  25. Survival Medicine and Kitchen Nutrition - Dr. Kyle Christensen, Naturopathic Doctor
  26. Seed Preservation/Canning/SpinningLinda Barkley
  27. Home Storage – what the Church canneries can offer to families - JoAnne and Dennis Wilson (Church Service Missionaries from Lindon Cannery)
  28. Sun Oven Cooking Marlene Cook
  29. Dutch Oven Cooking and Great Gardening Ideas - with a Tour of Swain’s Backyard GardenScott and Leanne Swain
  30. Alternative Cooking and Fuels - Jay Whimpey (Director, American Civil Defense)
  31. Goats Are Great In Times of Emergency (And Every Other Time) - Peggy Boone
  32. Urban Homesteading - Growing Food in Your Backyard, Including Animals - Chris and Michelle Gleed
  33. Quick Healing (Injuries) - By Understanding the Lymph System - Stephen West
  34. Making Bows and Arrows - Gene Buss
  35. Primitive Fire Starting—Fire Bow, Flint and Steel, Parabolic Reflector Lens, Fero Rod and MoreMichael Barr
  36. Tents and Hammocks - Kent Hinkson Jr.
  37. Backyard Beekeeping — for Fun, Healthy Food and Garden Pollination Austin Haacke

Block Leader/Leadership Training (This event is in the past)

  • This meeting is for Block Leaders, neighborhood and area leaders, Ham radio operators, and anyone who wants to learn about nuts and bolts of the Orem City yearly Block drill.

        Date:  Thursday, August 27th
        Time: 7:00 pm-8:30 pm
        Location:  Orem Senior Friendship Center:  93 North 400 East,           Orem, UT 84057

Fall CERT Training (This event is in the past)

  • Fall CERT Training will take place once a week (classes held Tuesday or Thursday evening with a final mock drill on Saturday) from August 25th through October 24th..

Sun Oven Cooking Class and Demonstration by the Olsens (3rd Ward) - September 12
(This event is in the past)

  • This meeting is open to everyone who has an interest in using Sunshine to bake foods. Watch Videos from the inventor of Sun Ovens, learn best foods to bake and exactly how:

        Date:  Saturday, September 12, 2015
        Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
        Location:  Orem Hillcrest Stake Center Relief Society Room, 1450 South, 800 East, Orem

Orem City Drill - September 17 at 6PM
(This event is in the past)

  • Orem City drill for emergency preparedness, with 16 out of 22 neighborhoods participating. - Learn more at
  • All residents of Orem  should be contacted by their Block Leader prior to the drill to pre-fill the roll call form. If you aren’t contacted by your Block Leader, please call him or her to state whether you are going to participate or not..
  • At 6PM, the Orem police will turn on their sirens and all participating families in Orem will “make a noise” of some type (banging pots, car horn, siren, etc.)
  • All residents of Orem should go to their respective block staging areas and check in (or have previously told Block Leader they will not be able to check in at that time, for whatever reason).
  • If a family doesn’t come to the Block Staging Area by 6:05 PM, the the Block Leader will send people to check on that family.
  • Block Leaders will report, via runner or Ham radio or FRS radio the status of accounting for all members of the block..
  • District Captains, Neighborhood Block Leaders and all assistants should report to their respective Command Centers and:
    • Compile stats which are reported to LINDON ERC and Orem City Center via Ham Radio.